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Linda Lloyd Pitts

Have you ever wanted to fly?
Take to the air, above it all?
Can you imagine what it is like sailing
 high...high...high above it all...
the sky ahead full of promise
and the ground below a mere speck.
The sky, quite literally, is the limit.
They lift off, the birds do.
They are so sure, they know what has to be done,
and they GO...
off into the sunset, into the sky, with the air,
riding the winds and dipping with the breezes.
All around is their element
Just as the earth is ours
and they tread it with the sureness of time.

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Linda Pitts is a member
of Galiara Gallery in
San Francisco where
she  is a featured artist.
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Linda is also a member of the Colligo Studio in the Broadway Studos located in Fresno, CA