Linda Lloyd Pitts   

Amazing Art for Amazing People


2005 My Tilly, my little mama Shih, my little buddy and companion for 9 years, died unexpectedly  June 16 2005.  My grief has been deep and inconsolable, I miss her so.  

A month or two after Tilly died my husband and I were sitting in the backyard, near where we had buried her.  Out of nowhere came a butterfly....a ragged winged little thing who, after circling me, landed on my knee. 

Needless to say we were enthralled as this tiny creature flew off and returned over and over again.  And then she landed in my hair. She seemed quite satisfied to sit there but I wanted to see her.  When my husband moved she flew off, startled as he went for a camera. 

I waited, seated, patiently .....I waited quietly hardly breathing.  Pretty soon the little thing flutter/flew down and landed on my knee again.  We studied each other.  I knew this little old soul.  Have you ever looked into a Butterflies eyes?  All of them?  They are like a wonderful kaleidoscope of wonder, and in them, the world is mirrored. 

Again she left and returned. And again, and again.  In my hair, on my knee, on my arm.  She studied me so intently.  She went to hubby too but returned to fascination..  I was beginning to know these eyes.  I have been looking into them for 9 years, such a short time.  It was Tilly.  It was.  There was no doubt.  She flew off again and again returning to my hair and knee. 

I finally offered my finger and she came aboard and as I drew her up to MY eye she gave but a little flutter of her tattered wings.  She seemed to say....I swear I heard it....'I've flown a long way and you should know......' 

And suddenly I knew, she had flown and flown hard, all the way down from heaven to say, 'I love you Mom, don't cry.'  It was Tilly.  'And I love you too I whispered as we sat there. Reluctantly we parted...but did...