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Painted Violin Project 
for the Fresno Youth Philharmonic
The violins were auctioned off by the Philharmonic as a fund raiser.

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San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust
"Canoes Around Town"


Joan, Linda,Denise, and Dorothea  
  Creators of Secret Places under the direction of Linda Lloyd Pitts.


This Special Project was put on by the
Oncology Group.

Well, the project is over. How these ladies have bloomed on their journey thru cancer! From hearing the news "CANCER" on through the treatments and all the ensuing upheaval of their lives they have grown such character.
They learned to make every single day count and count with joy and discovery.

I suggested trees to represent each person (now there a novel idea..trees . The 3 women ,Joan, Doretha and Denise took that Idea and ran!

I have kept the paper towels that sopped up my extra paint from when I paint because they were so bright and usual. So I gave them to Joan, Denise and Doretha.
I painted a background on a 24x48 canvas. IT was a golden orange. I added special paints to create luminosity.
The ladies went to town twisting my bright towels into bright knaarley limbs and trunks.
Each person did their own tree, adding to it important objects that represented the help they received. Buttons from a special dress, locks of hair, musical notes from old paper music....all woven. They joined the branches with each other at the top of the canvas to show unity in sisterhood.
Each tree was ssoo different AND so pretty. They continued twisting little knots all around the sides to signify their joined heartbeats. It was gorgeous! I'm so proud of them!
The painting went up in the Oncology Center here in Fresno, there to remain for years.
At the reception they were interviewed by television and the greeting cards and prints that had the image of our creation sold out!