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 Ahh the magnificence of a Wolf Moon!  This painting came, in part, from memories of my younger days.........When I lay in the backyard in the evening and stared up at this brilliant orb in the heavens.  My fascination with the moon started very young.  Then older, in the hills and forests at night, when all is silent and the moon dominates a star flecked background.  This year the moon appeared magnified as an optical illusion occurred.  The full moon and a unique closeness to the earth (perigee) combined to create a wonderful illusion with the moon appearing 30% brighter and 14% larger.  The first full moon of 2010 was resplendent with Mars rising at the same time and emphasizing it even more.

Obiz Tree

This Earth Tree is a reoccurring symbol in my work but never has it affected me as this one has..........This tree sprang up out of a deep, deep illness I have recently experienced

 I dreamed of a wide open land with a beautiful golden radiance.  I was able to step into this radiance!

 There was the tree standing in stately dignity....emanating an ethereal glow.

 When I stepped INTO the scene the most penetrating, all encompassing, exquisite

sense of peacefulness came over me.  It was beyond description...really.  It was the world

we all hoped for, where people, animals and all forms of life lived together in complete peace. 

 I literally stepped into peacefulness! 

And what a feeling, what a feeling!!!

Venezuelan Waterfall


 I couldn't believe it.......Incredible if the heavens had opened and allowed this rushing magnificent torrent of water out, only in this location, only once.

Tumbling down a Teutonic mountain.

I was transported!  In a moment I came to stand at the base of this absolutely astounding work of art from above, and in my mind’s eye I moved in the MOST tranquil setting, in which I looked up, up, up and there, in a pinpoint of a beginning as if from a cloud...a pinpoint of water, water, rushing, tumbling growing....The waterfall seemed so very imperious in its majesty and it soared and soared, if one can possibly understand something coming down as soaring.  

And I was standing there at its base.

In awe...

And in that rush of water all was obscured except those drops reaching out to me coming from the very heavens, hitting water and leap spraying out to me.... In the forest, feeling the spray, I was there.  I felt those drops from so, so far away.

 Then I stepped back slowly through the mist, not entirely wanting to leave but absolutely certain that I needed to paint this.

So I moved away and began.



Serenity, what an indescribable feeling.   One that escapes us when we seek it one that evades us when we need it.

Here is one serene place.  QUIET


But look!  There in the valleys of this picture...light

And again on the shore, under the trees as you step into this quiet land. Rest now.

Lie under the full moon and let the cool pieces of light fall gently on your cheek…

And rest.


In my landscapes, as in many of my paintings, I am IN the scene I am visualizing.

When I am working I am experiencing what I paint.

That is, I feel myself both part of the scene and looking at the scene.

I am standing behind that tree, in that little valley that you may see, over that hill, at the

base of a mountain, in the heart of that flower.

 I would like to invite you too, to come on in and splash around in the color and just play.

 The only requirement is that you enjoy yourself.


Here are Rain Blossoms.


It was rain I was standing in when this painting was born.   But not a heavy or even steady rain.

It was the light drizzle that barely kisses your cheek.

God misting the world just as I mist my plants.

I wanted to depict a very frail twig with such delicate blossoms that they would seem to fall apart if there was a strong wind.  So delicate you could barely make them out


 It was a quiet, quiet time in the forest...

the snow drifted down as if from a giant sieve


towards the puffy drifts below...The trees held out their limbs, stretching out...out...out,

into the snowy quiet scene


for their winter garments.,

A peaceful serene feeling flowed through the forest as I sat at the side of the pond, brushed away the snow on my cheek

and picked up my brush to paint....

Mandela Tree


Mandala symbols appear everywhere

They are symbols that share a universal idea of brotherhood.  You can find a mandala in every religion, every culture-----people are drawn to them.  They are a universal symbol of a unity and a brotherhood.

They are circular and usually symmetrical, however, the ying and yang symbol are a notable exception.

Kaleidoscopes have mandalas within them.  They appear in spider webs, sun clocks, sand dollars, and religious symbols, for a few.

The commercial world abounds with them, nature abounds with them, that is one of the reasons they are so unifying............they are everywhere.

Look around and count them someday.

 This painting features an asymmetrical mandala that is a combination of symbols growing into a tree..........combined symbols growing onto a tree of brotherhood.  Look to the ground to see the symbols moving and growing into the tree mandala.

And isn't that the way the concept of 'brotherhood' spreads.

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 It was a lively day

              in the forest

the light had the place


the trunks reflected       

         and re reflected

shiny bits of sunlight

          that trickled

through the trees

I was there

There was a bite

To the air

And the nippiness

Added to the joyous display

Filling the day

Full of hope

And radiance

Lake Michigan


 On the edge

of a large lake

perches a bustling

hustling city,

with jewels of light in its hair

and all along its gown.

 Each twinkling jewel

an office,

a car

an apartment

a home.

Resting in the


of these huge buildings

each small light

tells a story

each jewel

has a fascination

 We have the story--each of us

We live these stories

Be it in this city

 Or that---

 Can you see your light?

The Lady


 I was working on The Lady when my vision became obscured, again.  For no apparent reason I once again saw millions of 'floaters' as the Dr's call them...the alarming part of this being my 'floaters' have totally darkened my vision in the past.

In anger, almost rebelliously, I began to build up the paint layering it on feeling was 'well, if I can't see it, then I will make it so I can FEEL it!

I worked, building up layers of acrylic...this painting is meant to be touched.

But as I worked, I saw there is no way I could EVER make it as tactile as I wanted and my fear and sorrow began to ebb.  And, was I am straying too far from the meaning I had first in mind?  I wanted a serene woman, sure, quiet, knowing.

I wanted a LADY, who is quiet in the certainty that life will goes on, no matter what...

because that is the way life is.......

The Dove


I had in mind a wide full view of a green and gold forest when I started this painting.  I painted with enthusiasm all day on what I perceived to be 'the background' of this work trying to plan it out.  I was pleased with the result and put it on a wide table in a darkened room in the evening while I waited for it to dry.  Later in the evening as I passed through the room...I glanced towards the painting and to my surprised a large white bird was clearly shown right in the middle.  White?  I had included no white, no other light colors.  I flicked the light on and it receded somewhat.  I turned the light off again and there it was a large white bird glowing from the center of the painting.

So much for my plans of a forest.  This was one work, in which my job was simply to highlight what was already clearly there.

Morning Moon


 I work at various times of the day and night, sometimes into the early morning and when taking a break I often step out to my back yard.  If I look up, at just the right angle I can peer through the leaves, branches and hanging ivy and see the moon.  It's a game of peek-a- boo with the moon that warms my heart.  When I look back into my home, it's warm and glowing, my family contentedly asleep...then I turn back and look up.  And there will be the Moon, winking and blinking at me in these quiet times with its silvery clear light, whispering.......

'paint me, paint me'

So I do.

Midnight Moon