Linda Lloyd Pitts   

Amazing Art for Amazing People

Gallery Three

Blue Dandylion
Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon
Fire Flower
Fire Flower
Reach for the Sky
Blue Dandylion Waterlilies Reach for the Sky
Soft Birches Reflections  Happy Pagoda
Soft Birches Reflections  Happy Pagoda
1m004141 EarthMother Grand Old Stump
The Pod Earth Mother Grand old Stump
Heart of a Flower ForestInDawnsLight OrangeFlower
Heart of a Flower Forest in Dawn's Light Orange Flower
  Japanese Flowers  
  Japanese Wildflower  

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Price List
Prints available in various sizes upon request

Blue Dandelion 6x19 $100.00 Sold
Midnight Moon 11x15 $400.00 Original
Fire Flower 12x18 $200.00 Original
Waterlilies 10x13 $300.00 Original
Reach For The Stars 18x24 Sold.00 Original
Soft Birches   Sold Original
Reflections 36x48 $70.000 Original
Happy Pagoda 15x22 $300.00 Original
The Pod 15x22 $300.00 Original
Earth Mother   $300.00 Sold
Grand Old Stump 11x15 $200.00 Original
Heart Of A Flower 15x22 $300.00 Original
Forest In Dawn's Light 18X24 $600.00 Original
Orange Flower 15x22 $300.00 Original
Japanese Wildflower    $200.00 Original