Linda Lloyd Pitts   

Amazing Art for Amazing People

Gallery One

Aspen The Dunes Mandalay Tree 15X22
Aspens The Dunes Mandala Tree
venezuelan waterfall Vineyard 18X24 Sold Orange Dream
Venezuelan Waterfall Vineyard Orange Dream
Cosmos The Glen 15X22 High Hills on Fire
Cosmos The Glen High Hills  Afire
Trumpeter 15X22 The Trail 12X24 Print The Dancer 18X24
The Trumpeter The Trail The Dancer
  The Dove  
  The Dove  




Price List
Prints available in various sizes upon request

Joy 22x30 $1,200.000 Original
Aspen 15x17 $300.00 Original
The Dunes 12x18 Sold  
Mandala Tree 15x22 $300.00 Original
Venezuelan Waterfall 18x22 $400.00 Original
Vineyard 18x24 $400.00 Print
Orange Dream 15x22 $200.00 Print
Cosmos  18x24 $300.00 Original
The Glen 15x22 $400.00 Original
High Hills  Afire 18x22 $300.00 Original
The Trumpeter 15x22 $300.00 Original
The Trail 12z24 $200.00 Print
The Dancer 18x24 $600.00 Original
The Dove 26x40 $1,200.00 Original