Linda Lloyd Pitts   

Amazing Art for Amazing People

Gallery Four

  Thunder and Flowers  
  Thunder and Flowers  
MorningMoon Chicago
Morning Moon Crakin Oak Chicago
Pink Forest Plumb Blossom Tranquility
The Pink Forest Plum Blossoms Tranquility
Blue City Obis Tree Faded Glory
Blue City Obis Tree Faded Glory

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                Price List
Prints available in various sizes upon request

Thunder and Flowers 6x39 $250.00 Original
Morning Moon 11x15 Sold Original
Craking Oak 18x24 Sold Original
Chicago 15x22 Sold Original
The Pink Forest 15x22 $400.00 Original
Plum Blossoms 17x22 Sold Original
Tranquility 14x16 Sold Original
Blue City 15x22 $100.00 Original
Obis Tree 15x22 $500.00 Original
Faded Glory 15x22 Sold Original