Linda Lloyd Pitts   

Amazing Art for Amazing People

About Linda


Linda was born in New York and raised in Fresno, California. Art entered her life at around age seven and she began to draw.

Her early years were influenced by summer trips to Chicago. From an early age she haunted the museums in Chicago and eventually studied art in the Chicago Metropolitan Museum of Art

Her early explorations around Chicago both in the museum and the streets have influenced her art to a great degree. She learned from the masters through her fascination of their work in the museums. She graduated from Fresno State with a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology and became a social worker in the Child Services. She taught two years of art to elementary students and enjoyed the experience so much she decided to go into teaching. There she remained for twenty five years.

Two other accomplishments have been the illustration of a magazine and a book.

Her art has been influenced by Alphonse Maria Mucha where she learned discipline, broadened by Jean Carbonetti and encouraged by Eileen Richardson and her beautiful landscapes.

A loss of sight in her eye has imprinted and intensified her appreciation of color and image. Nature has always been her fascination and her close relationship with nature is expressed through her images and vivid colors. Linda's appreciation of life comes out of her images and flights of fancy on paper. Her thoughts, feelings and poetry are translated into color and joyful composition.


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Linda's Published Works

Linda has had shows at:
City Hall
Sorensen's Studio
Margaret Hudson's Studio
Arte America
The Red Brick Gallery in Ventura
Peppertree Gallery, Fresno
Fresno Philharmonic
Fresno Youth Philharmonic
Planet Java